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Keyboarding Practice
Drill 9: U and C

  • Learn reach technique for U and C
  • Combine smoothly U and C with all other learned keys
Practice Cue:
    Keep up your pace to end of line, return quicly, and start new line without pause.


                    Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
                    Tab from one box to the next.

1.  nj gf ol rf ik ed .l tf hj fr ki ft jn de lo fg l.
2. an do in so to go fan hen log gin tan son not sign
3. Olga has the first slot; Jena is to skate for her.
4. j j uj uj us us us jug jug jut jut due due fur fur
5. uj uj jug jug sue sue lug lug use use lug lug dues
6. a jug; due us; the fur; use it; a fur rug; is just
7. d d cd cd cod cod cog cog tic tic cot cot can cans
8. cd cd cod cod ice ice can can code code dock docks
9. a cod; a cog; the ice; she can; the dock; the code
10. cud cud cut cuts cur curs cue cues duck ducks clue
11. a cud; a cur; to cut; the cue; the cure; for luck;
12. use a clue; a fur coat; take the cue; cut the cake