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Keyboarding Practice
Drill 6: N and G

  • Learn reach technique for N and G
  • Combine N and G with all other learned keys
Practice Cue:
    Keep up your pace to end of line, return quicly, and start new line without pause.


                    Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
                    Tab from one box to the next.

1.  Has a jak; ask a lad; a fall fad; has a jak salad;
2. To do it; as a tot; do a lot; it is hot; to dot it
3. Is a kid; it is far; a red jar; her skis; her aide
4. J j nj nj an an and and end end ant ant land lands
5. Nj nj an an en en in in on on end end and and hand
6. An en; an end; an ant; no end; on land; a fine end
7. F f gf gf go go fog fog got got fig figs jogs jogs
8. Gf gf go go got got dig dig jog jog logs logs golf
9. To to; he got; to jog; to jig; the fog; is to golf
10. Go go no no nag nag ago ago gin gin gone gone long
11. Go on; a nag; sign in; no gain; long ago; into fog
12. A fine gig; log in soon; a good sign; lend a hand;
13. She is gone; he got an old dog;
14. She jogs in a dense fog;
15. She and he go to golf at nine;
16. He is a hand on a rig in the north;
17. He jogs; an old ski; do a log for; she left a jar;
18. An an go go in in dig dig and and got got end ends
19. She said he did it for her; he is to take the oars
20. Sign the list on the desk; go right to the old jet