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Keyboarding Practice
Drill 3: I and R

Technique Goals:
  • Curved, upright fingers
  • Wrists low, but not resting
  • Hands/arms steady
  • Eyes on copy as you key


                    Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
                    Tab from one box to the next.

1.  A;sldkfj a;sldkfj as jak ask fad all dad lads fall
2. Hj hah has had sash hash ed led fed fled sled fell
3. As he fled; ask a lass; she had jade; sell all jak
4. K k ik ik is is if if did did aid aid kid kid hail
5. Ik ik if if is is kid kid his his lie lie aid aide
6. A kid; a lie; if he; he did; his aide; if a kid is
7. F f rf rf jar jar her her are are ark ark jar jars
8. Rf rf re re fr fr jar jar red red her her far fare
9. A jar; a rake; a lark; red jar; hear her; are dark
10. Fir fir rid rid sir sir ire ire fire fire air airs
11. A fir; if her; a fire; is fair; his ire; if she is
12. He is; if her; is far; red jar; his heir; her aide
13. Hj ed ik rf jh de ik fr hj ed ik rf jh de ki fr hj
14. He he if if all fir fir jar far rid rid as ask
15. She she elf elf her her hah hah eel eel shed shelf
16. He has; had jak; her jar; had a shed; she has fled
17. Fir fir rid rid sir sir kid kid ire ire fire fired
18. A fir; is rid; is red; his ire; her kid; has a fir
19. If if is is he he did did fir fir jak jak all fall
20. A jak; he did; ask her; red jar; she fell; he fled
21. If she is; he did ask; he led her; he is her aide;
22. She has had a jak sale; she said he had a red fir;