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Keyboarding Practice
Drill 2:  H and E

Spacing Cue:
    Space once after ; used as punctuation.


                    Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
                    Tab from one box to the next.

1.  A;sldkfj a; sl dk fj ff jj dd kk ss ll aa ;; fj a;
2. as as ad ad all all jak jak fad fad fall fall lass
3. a jak; a fad; as a lad; ask dad; a lass; a fall ad
4. j j hj hj ah ah ha ha had had has has ash ash hash
5. hj hj ha ha ah ah hah hah had had ash ash has hash
6. ah ha; had ash; has had; a hall; has a hall; ah ha
7. D d ed ed el el led led eel eel eke eke ed fed fed
8. Ed ed el el lee lee fed fed eke eke led led ale ed
9. A lake; a leek; a jade; a desk; a jade eel; a deed
10. He he he she she she shed shed heed heed held held
11. A lash; a shed; he held; she has jade; held a sash
12. Has fled; he has ash; she had jade; she had a sale
13. Ask ask has has lad lad all all jak jak fall falls
14. A jak; a lad; a sash; had all; has a jak; all fall
15. He he she she led led held held jell jell she shed
16. He led; she had; she fell; a jade ad; a desk shelf
17. Elf elf all all ask ask led led jak jak hall halls
18. Ask dad; he has jell; she has jade; he sells leeks
19. He led; she has; a jak ad; a jade eel; a sled fell
20. She asked a lad; he led all fall; she has a jak ad