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Keyboarding Practice
Drill 17: Z and Colon (:)


  • Learn reach techniques for Z and : (Colon)
  • Combine Z and : (Colon) with all other learned keys.




                    Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
                    Tab from one box to the next.

1.  Jim won the glove for six quick sky dives in Napa.
2. to own | is busy | if they | to town | by them | to the city
3. She is to go to the city with us to sign the form.
4. a a za za zap zap zap zoo zoo zip zip zag zag zany
5. za za zap zap zed zed oz. oz. zoo zoo zip zip maze
6. zap it, zip it, an adz, to zap, the zoo, eight oz.
7. ; ; :; :; Date: Time: Name: Room: From: File:
8. :; :; To: File: Reply to: Dear Al: Shift for:
9. Two spaces follow a colon, thus: Try these steps:
10. Zelda has an old micro with : where ; ought to be.
11. Zoe, use as headings: To: Zone: Date: Subject:
12. Liza, please key these words: zap, maze, and zoo.
13. Zane read: Shift to enter : and then space twice.
14. zoo qt. zap quo zeal quay zone quit maze quad hazy
15. Zeno amazed us all on the quiz but quit the squad.
16. apt six rip fix pens flex open flax drop next harp
17. Lex is apt to fix apple pie for the next six days.
18. vim mam van dim have move vamp more dive time five
19. Riva drove them to the mall in my vivid lemon van.
20. Glen is to aid me with the work at the dog kennel.
21. Dodi is to go with the men to audit the six firms.
22. Nigel saw a quick red fox jump over the lazy cubs.
23. Jacky can now give six big tips from the old quiz.
Block Paragraphs
Type each paragraph twice, double-spacing between paragraphs. If your computer has automatic return (wordwrap), do not strike Enter at the end of each line; the computer will return for you.
Paragraph 1
The space bar is a vital tool, for every fifth or sixth stroke is a space when you key. If you use it with good form, it will aid you to build speed.
Paragraph 2
Just keep the thumb low over the space bar. Move the thumb down and in quickly toward your plam to gget the prized stroke you need to build top skill.
26. xs :; | fix mix | Max: Use TO: and FROM: as headings.
27. Read and key: oxen, exit, axle, sixty, and sixth.
28. qa ,k | aqa k,k | quo quo, | qt. qt., | quite quite, | squat
29. Quen, key these: quit, aqua, equal, quiet, quick.
30. p: za | ;p; zaza | zap zap | zip zip | size size | lazy lazy
31. Zip put hot pepper on his pizza at the zany plaza.
32. mj vf | jmj fvf | vim vim | vow vow | menu menu | move movie
33. Mavis vowed to move with a lot more vim and vigor.