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Keyboarding Practice
Drill 16: Review


  • Learn to key block paragraphs
  • Improve keying technique and speed.


Before you begin this review session:
  • Position your body directly in front of the keyboard; sit erect, with feet on the floor for balance.
  • Curve your fingers deeply and place them in an upright position over the home keys.
  • Position text for easy reading (at about a 90 degree angle to the eyes).


                        Key each line twice, single spaced, in the box provided.
                        Tab from one box to the next.

    1.  Virgil plans to find that mosque by six with Jack.
    2. Pam, Van, and quin have to be in New Hope by five.
    3. Vi is to aid the girl with the sign work at eight.
    Block Paragraphs
    Type each paragraph twice, double-spacing between paragraphs. If your computer has automatic return (wordwrap), do not strike Enter at the end of each line; the computer will return for you.
    Paragraph 1
    When you strike the return or enter key at the end of a line to space down and start a new line, this process is called a hard return.
    Paragraph 2
    If a machine returns at line ends for you, what is known as a soft return or wordwrap is in use. You must use a hard return, though, between paragraphs.
    6. I am to fix the sign for them.
    7. Jaye held the key to the blue auto.
    8. Todd is to go to the city dock for fish.
    9. Vi paid the girl to make a big bowl of salad.
    10. Kal may keep the urn he just won at the quay show.
    11. so an if us am by or ox he own jay pen yam own may
    Press return at the break ( | )
    12. she is in | am to pay | if he may | by the man | in a firm
    13. I am to keep the pens in a cup by a tan mail tray.
    14. Fran may try to fix an old toy for the little boy.
    15. J. V., Dr. or Mrs., Ph.D. or Ed.D., Fourth of July
    16. Mrs. Maria Fuente; Dr. Mark V. Quin; Mr. T. C. Ott
    17. B. J. Marx will go to St. Croix in March with Lex.
    18. Mae has a Ph.D. from Miami; Dex will get his Ed.D.
    19. ox jam for oak for pay got own the lap via sob cut
    20. make than with them such they when both then their
    21. to sit | an elf | by six | an oak || did go | for air | the jam
    22. to vie | he owns | pay them | cut both | the quay | for they
    23. I may have six quick jobs to get done for low pay.
    24. Vicky packed the box with quail and jam for Signe.
    25. Max can plan to bike for just five days with Quig.
    26. Jim was quick to get the next top value for Debby.
    27. qa bf by quo but qt. quit both quad lube quid blow
    28. Bob quickly won my squad over quip by brainy quip.
    29. xs ,k sxs k,k ox ox, six six, flas flax, axle axle
    30. I keyed ox, six, lox, mix, fox, fix, fax, and nix
    31. p; mj p.m. map amp pep mam mop imp camp ramp clump
    32. Palma and her mom made peppy caps for my pep team.
    33. vf yj ivy vary envy very wavy navy have many savvy
    34. Levy may have to vary the way we serve and volley.