Keyboarding Practice

Welcome to online Keyboarding Practice, a series of 17 drills and 4 tests to help you improve your keyboarding technique and speed.

1)   Home Row Keys 10)   New Keys:  W and Right Shift
2)   New Keys: H and E 11)   New Keys:  B and Y
3)   New Keys: I and R 12)   Review
4)   Review 13)   New Keys: M and X
5)   New Keys:  O and T 14)   New Keys:  P and V
6)   New Keys:  N and G 15)   New Keys:  Q and Comma (,)
7)   New Keys:  Left Shift and Period (.) 16)   Review
8)   Review 17)   New Keys: Z and Colon (:)
9)   New Keys:  U and C

The following are the practice test and the graded tests. Begin when you are ready.

1)   Practice Timed Typing Test #1 3)   Graded Timed Typing Test #3
2)   Graded Timed Typing Test #2 4)   Graded Timed Typing Test #4

Download a printable version of the drills in PDF format. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)